Mike Tice hosting benefit

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Oakland Raiders offensive line coach, Mike Tice, is returning on June 18-19 to host his Carson Valley friends and family golf outing benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

The weekend event includes a spaghetti dinner and Decades benefit concert at Carson Valley Inn and TJ’s Corral, followed by a golf tournament the next day.

Ticket prices start at $20 for either the concert or the dinner.

This is the sixth year the event has been held at the Carson Valley Inn, and the first year the golf tournament has been open to the public to help raise funds for a dedicated Carson Valley Boys & Girls Club facility. The club currently leases space at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School for its Carson Valley clubhouse.

“We will have a great group of National Football League coaches attending the tournament this year, many of them being former players in the NFL,” Tice said. “The event will once again be a weekend of great friendships, tremendous energy, wonderful food, many drinks, and lots of laughs, all benefiting a great cause.”

Tice said the guest list includes:

■ Bryan Cox, current defensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons and three-time pro bowler with the Miami Dolphins

■ Rob Moore, current wide receiver coach of the Oakland Raiders and two-time pro-bowler with the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals

■ Rod Woodson, current assistant secondary coach of the Raiders and Hall of Fame defensive back

■ Jethro Franklin, current defensive line coach of the Raiders and former defensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks

■ Todd Downing, current Raiders quarterback coach

■ Bernie Parmalee, current Raiders running back coach and former running back for the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

“Carson Valley Inn believes in the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada,” said Joey Whitacre, director of Carson Valley Inn’s casino and marketing operations. “We want to help see them through to the fruition of a dedicated site for the 15,000 families they serve in Carson Valley that is more centrally located with easier access and is more appealing to young adults.”

Katie Leao, chief professional officer for the Club, said the Tice event provides a major contribution to Carson Valley families.

“The partnership with coach Tice and Carson Valley Inn and their passion for supporting the club has made a huge difference in our community,” she said. “Coach Tice gives brand new shoes to club members each year, meets with them and brings NFL people to Douglas County to hang out and support a good cause. We’re grateful to coach Tice and Carson Valley Inn for hosting this event for our kids.”

Tickets for events are available at bgcwn.org/mike-tice. Call Leao at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada at 882-8820 for information