Online Content

The Dann Sisters - Searching for Reciprocity for the Western Shoshone

Nevada Magazine Online, 11-25-15 http://nevadamagazin ... -shoshone/


Entrepreneurship program sets local youth on education and career pathway

Nevada Appeal, 1/14/16 http://nevadamagazin ... -shoshone/


E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center Groundbreaking

Nevada Today, July 2015


Internationally celebrated cello professor joins faculty

Nevada Today, 9/2009 http://www.unr.edu/n ... ns-faculty

A lifetime of musical training with some of the world's finest cellists and a yearning to pass it along.

Link Between Closed-Basin Lakes and Climate Change Explored

Nevada Today, 9/2009 http://www.unr.edu/n ... e-explored

Terminus lakes ecosystems explored

Nevada Chamber Opera Wins National Award

Nevada Today, 2/2010 http://www.unr.edu/n ... onal-award

UNR's Nevada Chamber Opera receives national recognition.

Working Close to Home

Nevada Today, 8/2010 http://www.unr.edu/n ... se-to-home

Microsoft interns help with risk management, process improvement

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival partners again with University

Nevada Today, 5/2010 http://www.unr.edu/n ... university

The unprecedented marriage of three geographically diverse theatre companies

Academic Travel Broadens Students' Horizons

Nevada Today, July 2015


Mandela Washington Fellowship

Nevada Today, July 2015


On-Campus housing expands

Nevada Today, July 2015


Interview with Wallace Broeker

University of Nevada, Reno, September 2009

Interview with renowned climate change scientist, Wallace Broeker


Peavine Hall Prepares for Future

Nevada Today, August 2015


Kennedy Center All American College Theatre Festival

UNR.edu, February 2010

Online feature story


Carson City Mayor, Navy League present commemorative medallion to Gov. Sandoval

CarsonNow.org, 2/10/16 http://carsonnow.org ... v-sandoval

Also ran in the Nevada Appeal


Public Relations

Nevada Business Magazine Author Links

Nevada Business Magazine, 2018-19 https://www.nevadabu ... athieipsm/

Summary of articles I have written for Nevada Business Magazine news wire

Public Relations Activity - Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada

Various, 2016-2019 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/T7YGjZJU1N

This is a summary of articles/press releases I have written on behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada from 2016-2019.


Public Relations Activity - CCSC 2016-2019

Various, 2016-2019 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/7q9QLc5t6T

This is a summary of articles/stories I have written on behalf of the Carson City Senior Center/Meals on Wheels Carson City from 2016-2019.


Public Relations Activity - East Fork Professional Firefighters

Various, 1/1/2017-12/31/2017 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/ksl7pmSTUN

These stories are from a public awareness campaign we ran to showcase the East Fork Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3726, as positive contributors to a community that refuses to fund tax initiatives for public safety, education and roads.


Public Relations Activity - Casino Boss TV, Carson Nugget

Various, July 2018-March 2019 https://inplainsight ... tkDO8jIKE1

Summary of media activity for the filming of a TV pilot, "Casino Boss"


Mike Tice hosting benefit

The Record Courier, 6/10/16 http://www.recordcou ... ng-benefit

Oakland Raiders offensive line coach, Mike Tice, is returning on June 18-19 to host his Carson Valley friends and family golf outing benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.


Carson Tahoe Health delivers summer fun to Boys & Girls Club

Nevada Appeal, 6/6/16 http://www.nevadaapp ... un-to-boys

Each year, Carson Tahoe Health director of resource management, Kayleen Fogleman, along with the CTH holiday and special events committee, invites area children to the CTH Kids Christmas Party. This year, Fogleman is bringing Christmas in the form of summer fun toys and sunblock to the Boys & Girls


Students combine high school, college and internships in manufacturing

Nevada Appeal, 3/13/16 http://www.nevadaapp ... rnships-in

William Dakota Gershel and Timothy Ibarra, both seniors at Carson High School, have participated in Career and Technical Education programs since attending CHS as freshmen. Ibarra participated in two years of auto technician courses and two years in auto body courses. Gershel experimented in a varie


District to launch manufacturing technologies course

Nevada Appeal, 3/12/16 http://www.nevadaapp ... ies-course

Carson High School students will soon register for next year’s classes and will now have a new choice in the schedule as CHS’s Career and Technical Education program will begin offering a new manufacturing technologies course of study in the 2016-2017 school year.


103 year old veteran receives much needed dental care

Nevada Appeal, 12/23/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ental-care

This article was picked up by the Associated Press and hit 29 major markets


Boys and Girls Clubs traveling in style

Nevada Appeal, 1/9/16 http://www.nevadaapp ... -traveling


Carson Tahoe Health brightens holidays for Boys and Girls Clubs

Nevada Appeal, 12/11/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... s-of-boys-


Reno Rebirth: Monica Pappas

Reno Gazette Journal, 10/11/15 http://www.rgj.com/s ... /73690260/

Ghost-wrote this for my client, Monica Pappas at Fingerprinting Express, and pitched to the Reno Gazette Journal.


Employee Giving - WNCF

Nevada Appeal, October 11, 2015 http://www.nevadaapp ... ribute-for

Ghostwriting - public awareness campaign


Miles Construction partners with WNC

Nevada Appeal, 10/4/2015 http://www.nevadaapp ... th-western

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Local business owner supports WNC with donations

Nevada Appeal, 9/27/2015 http://www.nevadaapp ... foundation

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


16th Annual Golf Classic raises $15,000

Nevada Appeal, 9/20/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... -citys-wnc

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation

Chet Burton Column: Employee Giving Campaign

Nevada Appeal, 9/8/2015 http://www.nevadaapp ... g-campaign

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundations


Jack L. Davis Scholarship

Nevada Appeal, 9/3/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ck-l-davis

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


NV Energy Grant

Nevada Appeal, 8/27/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... 5000-grant

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Katie Leao column - WNC Golf Classic

Nevada Appeal, 8/16/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... sic-raises

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Pennington Grant to help jump start college

Nevada Appeal, 8/14/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ge-careers

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Chet Burton column - WNC Working for the future

Nevada Appeal, 8/3/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... technology

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


E.L. Cord Foundation Grant

Nevada Appeal, 8/2/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... foundation

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Column - Star Parties

Nevada Appeal, 7/18/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ar-parties

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


WNC Golf Classic

Nevada Appeal, 7/18/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ic-planned

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


DAV gives first ever WNC scholarship

CarsonNow.org, 9/21/15 http://carsonnow.org ... cholarship

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


FE named official vendor by Dept. of Education

Nevada Appeal, 9/13/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... erprinting

Submitted on behalf of Fingerprinting Express


Carson City mayor wins award

Nevada Appeal, 9/20/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... wins-award

Submitted on behalf of Mayor Bob Crowell


Airstream Club holds raffle to benefit local youth

CarsonNow.org, 10/9/15 http://carsonnow.org ... ical-bills

Submitted on behalf of the Airstream Club


Op-ed: WNC employees contribute for scholarships, program support

Nevada Appeal, 10/11/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... ribute-for

Submitted on behalf of WNC Foundation


Area teens vying for Youth of the Year title

Nevada Appeal, 1/16/16 http://www.nevadaapp ... irls-clubs


Local businesses partner with Boys and Girls Clubs

Nevada Appeal, 12/18/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... irls-clubs


Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada looks to the future

Nevada Appeal, 12/7/15 http://www.nevadaapp ... vada-looks


Print Articles

City Center

Nevada Magazine, October 2010

LEED certified City Center opening in Las Vegas


Reno's Musical Masterpiece

Nevada Silver & Blue, Summer 2010

A written illustration of Reno's tightknit musical community.


Media Release

University Honors Mandela Washington Fellows

UNR Newsroom, August 2015


3,100 students singing the alma mater

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/24/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... than-this/


University honors Mandela Washington Fellows with closing ceremony

newsroom.unr.edu, 7/30/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... -ceremony/

University breaks ground on E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center media release

University of Nevada, Reno Newsroom, 6/17/2015 http://newsroom.unr. ... ss-center/


University College of Business research survey

Nevada Today, 6/17/2015 http://www.unr.edu/n ... rch-survey


Mandela Washington Fellows awarded grants to fund entrprenuerial ventures

UNR Newsroom, August 2015


College of Business academic travel

UNR Newsroom, July 2015


University to host Kennedy Center All American College Theatre Festival

UNR Newsroom, February 2010


University on-campus housing continues to expand

UNR Newsroom, August 2015


Academic boot camp build and launch ancient weapons

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/18/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... -weaponry/


Area veterans, volunteers work side by side, share a meal

newsroom.unr.edu, 9/24/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... hare-meal/


College of Business expands students' international horizons

newsroom.unr.edu, 7/15/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... -horizons/


Mandela Washington Fellows meet local entrepreneurs

newsroom.unr.edu, 6/22/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... d-mentors/


Media Exclusive sneak peek at Peavine Hall

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/5/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... day-aug-7/


UNR On-campus housing continues to expand

newsroom.unr.edu, 76/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... to-expand/


University opens new residence hall to public view

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/12/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... ay-aug-13/


Move-in day at the University

newroom.unr.edu, 8/17/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... fe-begins/


Right of Way: Pedestrian enforcement activies

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/24/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... this-week/


NevadaFIT: Freshman Intensive Bootcamp

newsroom.unr.edu, 8/14/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... ay-aug-16/


University breaks ground on E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center

newsroom.unr.edu, 6/17/15 http://newsroom.unr. ... ss-center/



Newton Learning Center testimonials

Various, 12/8/18 http://www.secondstart.org/testimonials/

Series of family impact stories as part of a larger awareness campaign for families of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Join the Reliables

YouTube, 10/15/2018 https://youtu.be/y60U85lQDZs

Public awareness campaign video I scripted and directed.

Farewell Colleague Video

Internal, 6/30/14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ZgIpY3zT8

Business Review Animated Infographic

Internal, 1/1/15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlK2ya9v6E0

SLT Minute to Win It

Internal, 11/5/14 http://youtu.be/k6bsuwFN3to

Compilation of event photos

2015 Holiday with a Hero

YouTube, 12/24/15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T81pbohOaOo

2015 Holiday with a Hero Video

YouTube, 12/24/15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T81pbohOaOo

MAC Ribbon Cutting

YouTube, 12/31/15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF917kZLvew

Blog Posts

Own the Content, Own the Audience

Word Consulting, 5/7/15 http://word.consulting/?p=100

National Day of Prayer - What's the Message?

Word Consulting, 5/7/15 http://word.consulting/?p=88

Don't Fear the Communications Consultant

Word Consulting, 4/17/15 http://word.consulting/?p=74

What's in a Name? The Emotional Side of Naming Your Product

4/14/2015 http://word.consulting/?p=62

Always remember your audience. Always.

The Macefield Effect - How to Stop Finger Pointing and Start Something Meaningful

4/13/2015 http://word.consulting/?p=62

The Little House That Wouldn't Budge

Love it or Hate It - Lane Bryant's No Angel

4/7/2015 http://word.consulting/?p=36

A look at Lane Bryant's new body awareness campaign

Buying Facebook Likes? Maybe You Shouldn't

In Plain Sight Marketing website, November 2014 http://www.inplainsi ... emptation/

Teach Compassion to Break the Cycle of Bullying

Think Kindness Blog, October 2014 http://www.thinkkind ... -bullying/

Pay it Forward - Altruism or Cynicism

Think Kindness Blog, August 2014 http://www.thinkkind ... nt-decide/

In Support of Halloween

ThinkKindness Blog, 10/2014 http://www.thinkkindness.org/support-halloween/

There is still magic in the world - and most likely, it will be a child who shows you.

Lessons from Nature for an Empty Nester

Reno Moms Blog, 5/2014 http://renomomsblog. ... ty-nester/

What is it like when your children leave the nest?

Are You Kind?

ThinkKindness Blog, 7/2014 http://www.thinkkindness.org/are-you-kind/

A license plate makes me think about kindness.

Minden Family Washed Out by Mudslide Needs Help

ThinkKindness Blog, 7/2014 http://www.thinkkind ... eeds-help/

Superstorm washes out local family.

Shaping Future Generations of Communications Professionals

PRSA Sierra Nevada Website, 6/2019 https://www.prsasier ... essionals/

Blog post describing my participation in a workshop with the Governor's Office of Workforce Innovation, NV Dept. of Education and marketing industry leaders across the state.



Logo business package - The Yarden


Garden center logo business package


Ad - MSFT for Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement Brochure, 10/20/14


Ad - MSFT for Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club brochure, 10/22/14


MSFT Reno Hackathon Re-Branding

Internal, 2/25/2015


Infographic sample

internal, 1/15/15


Marketing plans

Community Relations - CCSC

N/A, 9/13/2018 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/8TsdBFXgLA

PRSA Bronze Spike award-winning campaign

Career Week Marketing Plan

Internal communication, December 2014

This is an internal event marketing plan I wrote and executed for Microsoft.


Annual Charitable Event Marketing Plan


Marketing plan for month-long corporate giving event.


Project Go-Live!: Marketing Microsoft to Millennials


Making Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials a cool tool for school.



Second Start Newsletters

MailChimp, 2018-2019 http://www.secondstart.org/news/newsletters/

Newsletters I have published on behalf of Second Start Learning Disabilities Programs

Yammer Top 5 / MSLink Weekly Update Email

Internal, 2/25/15

Weekly email update for enterprise social network and blog. Internal content marketing.


Blog Posts/Columns

Ask Dirk: Is annual maintenance necessary

Nevada Appeal, 072118 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/iRT8FSXtI4

Monthly column for Nevada Appeal also posted on client's website


Ask Dirk: My Favorite Thermostats

Nevada Appeal, 9/29/18 https://inplainsightllc.egnyte.com/dl/XZMYauAONV

Monthly column for Nevada Appeal and on client's website.